Monday, November 23, 2015

To the Outer Banks - With a free wake-up call

     After the Maryland / Virginia barrier islands,  we made it just into North Carolina near Moyock for the weekend.  It turned out to be generally rainy which was perfect for getting laundry done and relaxing.
     Our hosts there in Moyock recommended we have to stop for Duck Donuts on the Outer Banks, so we made that our first stop.   From the bridge to the OBX, turn left and drive a couple miles north to the town of Duck.
 Duck Donuts  (I think we found the original place...?)  makes them to order on the spot, with your choice of glaze and topping.  May as well get a half dozen:  Maple glaze with real carcinogenic Bacon that's officially BAD for you, Vanilla w/ Rainbow sprinkles, plain glazed, Maple Rainbow, Peanut Butter glaze w/ chopped Peanuts, and Lemon Coconut.   Here Elliot is making the healthy choice of plain glazed.  They were good, all warm and tender, mmmm.

 Next we checked out the beach real quick and did our best to follow the rules.  The beach here was pretty narrow; walk over the dune behind the houses and the water was right there, and it may have been high tide.

 See how goofy people get with a little sugar in you?  Elliot's hair even turned orange, he's really happy with that!  (but I think it's mostly the UV filter I'm playing with there).

After a grocery big shop and lunch in the camper at Kitty Hawk, we continued south to the Wright museum.
40 feet of rail for the launch dolly
Kill Devil Hill in the background where the glider flights were done.  The workshop buildings and the large rock marking the Flyer launch point, with markers for the first three flights.
The first three flight markers, and gee look nearly a quarter mile down there, the 4th marker.  
The camp / workshop building.
1903 Flyer cockpit:  elevator lever, wing warping and coordinated rudder hip cradle control, engine, and airspeed indicator

It was getting later in the afternoon, but we kept stopping at points of interest as we drove south, looking for a place to camp.  All the state and national parks camping is closed for the season, or flooded out (Cape Point CG).  And seems like most every place here specifically says no camping / parking.

Jockey's Point SP has large dunes, would be a great place to explore more.

And then just into the National Seashore is Bodie Island Lighthouse.  Great looking peaceful spot way away from the road, the moon coming up, and the sun gone down, we were all set with a peaceful night. 
So that worked for a while, until about 5:30 am,  when we get the wake-up call: 'Knock, Knock, National Park Service Ranger.....'
So we pulled out with a written warning, no ticket at least.  On a couple more miles south, below Oregon Inlet, parked and watched the sunrise and had breakfast.  Fair enough way to get us out early to see the sunrise...

Oregon Inlet life saving station.

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