Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pictures from Del Mar Va

So I'd heard about a place called Delmarva,  at least in the context of a sailboat cruising rally that goes from Annapolis to somewhere south.    It took me seeing a road sign with the likes of 'De Mar Va' on it to realize what it stands for, the coastal peninsula portions of Delaware Maryland and Virginia.

After staying with family in PA, and then northern Delaware for a couple days,
we drove out along the barrier islands through Ocean City to Assateague Island in MD for a couple days.
   Driving through Ocean City, MD,  we stopped for flu shots.  You know, we worry a lot with all the people and germs we run into these days at work and school.   While the shots were getting set up, Elliot & I walked around taking pictures.
   OC looks like it would be overrun with tippy college students many times of the year.  Now though it looks great to us, pretty empty and mostly closed up.
 Glenn,  you want this truck?  Good for the beach, and yanking out everyone getting stuck out there.  (The last night at Assateague, neighbors in the campground got stuck in the sand just in their campsite.)

This look means something like:   hmmm, hurts a little, this is not my favorite, there better be ice cream afterwards.
I imagine there used to be more houses like this, now there are many large condo & hotel buildings.

At the bottom of Ocean City, there is an inlet that opened up in the 30's after a storm, isolating Assateague Island.  There were private houses and some new development on Assateague up through the early 60's, serviced by ferry.  After a storm in 1962 wiped out most of the initial early 60's houses, landowners sold out and the national seashore was formed.  By '65, the bridge to Assateague was built, which now serves the state and national parks there.

Earlier in the day we stopped at Indian River, for a, hmm hmm,  deposit,  at the state campground.  Elliot saw a cute older class B that he liked, Maine plates.  We saw the Falcon again at Assateague, and they looked like they were having fun getting south from Maine, as we are.
And then we set up camp for a few days at the beach.  The first and third were good weather, the middle day drizzly.  The campground was nicely empty, with between zero and 4 other campers in the oceanside campsites each night.

The bay side of Assateague is also great.  If we had kayaks or canoes in addition to the bikes, then we would really have too much junk with us,  but paddling would be a lot of fun here.

Another neato older camper;  Bonair, looks like 200 watts of 12v solar panels that tilt up.  Plates from Ontario,  'Suptopia' - mobile yoga & pilates on standup paddleboard.   Now I wish I'd taken the time to say hi, sounds interesting....

That's all for Assateague,  but also see Elliot & Alice's posts too!

We rolled out early, on the road by 7:30 am including freshening the tanks.  Back onto the mainland to Wallops & Chincoteague for a morning, and down across the Chesapeake bridge-tunnel to Virginia Beach.

Little Joe

stop looking at rockets Daddy and get in the truck, we have lunch ready for you.


  1. Wonderful posting! Thanks, and continue your fun journey.

  2. I really like the biking picture of you cruising down the trail (?looks like a full sized automobile path?). I'm being inspired to do a mini tour on my road bike next year. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.


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