Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Delaware! (And a Bit of Maryland)

We left Aunt Nancy's yesterday morning, and now we're at a boondocker's place in Delaware.  We got here mid-afternoon yesterday, and it was still early and warm enough to take a bike ride!  The roads around here are great, really smooth.  There aren't too many cars out, especially if you go at the right time of day, which is great.  I went for a bike ride all the way over to Maryland (just 2 miles) this morning, and I got some nice pictures.

Really nice and smooth roads around here!

Here's Maryland!

The roads just keep going, and going, and going...

The roads in real life weren't the same as on Google Maps, and I ended up going a little too far west, onto this road right along the highway that must be a dedicated bike road!  :) 
A small panorama of the bike road and the highway

And here's a random picture of Tinycat that was on the SD card!


  1. Still green leaves in Delaware/Maryland huh?

  2. You're right, that one tree is all green still. I'm not sure what kind that one is. Seems now like most leaves are turned and down, with some turned but still up like red oak I think. Today we crossed into VA by the coast and we saw a couple of palm trees. They're not natural, by a store front, but hey they were alive and green! Enjoy the changing seasons there. Our people at home in MI got 5+ inches of snow today, and we sort of miss it, it would be fun.


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