Friday, November 13, 2015

Pennsylvania - Flint Hill Farm

We arrived at the farm we were staying at in the late afternoon, around four, and as we pulled up, saw horses disappearing into their barn, knowing exactly where to go. We parked alongside the driveway and got out to say hello. After talking to a farm hand, our host came in from the fields, with her four Jersey cows. She was very kind, and told us where to park, and when to be up and ready in the morning. After that, she left us to our own devices.

In the morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day. I helped take the Belgians down, which are very large, beautiful draft horses. After that, I took the cows down. Then it was time to clean the stalls. And clean. And clean. It was mostly just heavy work, after you gave up trying to keep clean.

I suddenly heard shouting and some words that I'm not going to repeat. I ran outside just in time to see two sheep, one gray, the other black, race past me. Long story short, we had captured two sheep, the white one and the gray, and we lost the black one. Over all, we spent about an hour and a half with about eight or more people helping to chase them.

Things like that did not happen often, and the rest of the days went uneventfully, with my mom learning to make goat cheese, me doing a lot of egg and chicken work with Elliot, and my dad moving lots of Rvs into barns.
 Here I am, with the ponies, Rowdy, closest, and Harry Potter, farther.
 Here is Star, on the right, and Later, left.

 Star and Later, once again.
 There they are again, going towards me and Truit, behind me.
 Here he is again.
Here he is again, now getting a treat

 I'm with Sassy, after walking the cows down.

 The farm in the evening
 My mom, in the green, and me.
 The woods

 The barns
 The barns and some fields
 A nice view of the farm.
T-bird, sitting on my parent's bed.

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