Sunday, November 22, 2015

It Feels Like The South!

We left Assateague yesterday morning.  The sunrise was really pretty, and we were able to roll out pretty early.
Sunrise at Assateague
We headed south down the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia peninsula, and took a detour over to Chincoteague to see the NASA Visitor Center.  They had some neat exhibits, including one auditorium kinda thing where they projected movies onto a sphere.  (They also had really fast internet, which was great after being offline for a few days!)

Rockets at the NASA Visitor Center in Chincoteague
It was around noon as we left Chincoteague, we just kept heading south down the peninsula, through Maryland, then into Virginia!  We drove south on land for a few hours, and then we got to go over and under the Chesapeake Bay on this causeway/bridge/tunnel, which was really cool!  At one point, we did a U-turn (coming right up out of a tunnel!) to see what ended up just being a rest stop, so we did some careful maneuvering and somehow managed to turn around and get back going the right way.
Before going over the bridge

Going into the water
The view from the bridge
Once we got into Virginia, there did some to be a difference.  It wasn't much warmer than Assateague, but somehow it felt a whole lot like Florida, right around Orlando where my mom's sister lives.  There were either very expensive-looking cars, or very old cars, it seemed -- no middle ground!  Anyway, we drove south through Chesapeake/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and to a BoondockersWelcome place just inside North Carolina, in a little town called Moyock.

Our hosts invited us to church this morning, which was very nice.  They go back into Virginia for church, which is cool.  After church, we went to a laundromat on the outskirts of the city, because it's been a  while since we've done any laundry.  The church we went to this morning is having a community Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and I think we're going to that.  It's cold and rainy outside (but no snow!) so I don't think we'll be doing much outside.  When we were up in Canada a month or so ago, it was supposed to be about 80 down here, but I guess we're a little late.  It's 71 in Florida though!
There's a palm tree -- we can't be that far from Florida!


  1. It's interesting to think about the significance of the rocketry exhibits and NASA facility there. How almost a half decade from the first aeroplane flight, the US decided to move into rocketry. Then in a little over 20 years, standing on the moon? That would seem highly unlikely standing in 1945 at the end of WWII. Great pictures. I never knew this place existed.

  2. And Kitty Hawk is nearby. It's amazing how fast progress can be made. At the same time though, the Wright brothers worked on it for years, and they built on (or at least read and tried) what others had done. Following a good basic sound scientific method works. I'd recommend the outer banks area, could almost get here in one super long day's drive from MI.


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