Saturday, January 7, 2017

Status Update

Well, it's now been about four months since we moved back into our house, and guess what?! We're not dead! (Yet)  There was a mushroom growing in the window, and the grill needed cleaning, but beyond that, it was all pretty smooth sailing.

The cats are quite happy to be home, and most of their time sleeping or antagonizing one another. My mom and dad both returned to work.   They get to take romantic walks over to Dunham Lake in the morning after I get on the bus,  ewww.   Thankfully these days it's too cold for that!

We took another canoe day trip when it was still warm out, that was fun, until it got dark!

Elliot and I have gone back to school, happily on my part, not so much on his. He (Elliot) is still riding his bike the two miles-ish to school, despite below twenty temperatures up here.   This was the first day of school:

Elliot and I both have our midterms coming up, four each. I'm only in eighth grade!
Anyway, we've yet to do any more traveling, but we certainly plan to this summer! Trust me, you'll hear about it...