Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cape Cod

This is the first blog post I've done in over two months, and I'm happy to be back at work. This morning we left Cape Cod, and we are now in Coventry, Rhode Island. We spend longer then expected in Cape Cod, and we were busy for all of it. We stayed at a Boon-dockers Welcome location, and we had wonderful hosts, with an incredible dog, Harry. We took a tour of the Cape, and got to go along a lot of the national seashore. The beaches there are wonderful, and the weather was great. Mostly it stayed in the sixties and seventies. We saw whales, seals, and enough seagulls to last for a long time. The beaches are lovely.
On the way to tonight's location, we stopped to see our cousin, Katherine, who is studying architecture at Roger William University.

 Elliot and I, set loose on the campus, off to find cousin Katherine.

She's certainly busy, here's one of many of her incredible projects.

Klein family, ready for departure, with our hosts wonderful dog, Harry.

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