Monday, November 9, 2015

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania!

So we left Rhode Island this morning, and we're heading west to Pennsylvania.  It was a really cold morning, and there was frost on the ground -- we need to head south fast!  We stopped and walked around in Mystic, Connecticut, and checked out some boats.  

This is the Annie, see description below.
Then we went a little further west and emptied the tanks at a water treatment plant in New London.  We had some lunch at a truck stop, and got back on I-95.
We drove a bit more, and hit New York state, and took 95 all the way through NYC!  New York City was pretty cool, I wouldn't wanna live there though.  We went under a bunch of bridges, then we crossed into Manhattan!  We were only there for a minute or two, but every now and then you could see the Empire State Building.  Then we went over the George Washington Bridge, right over the Hudson, which had a really cool view, you could see most of downtown Manhattan, and a ways down the Hudson.  

And then we were in New Jersey!
We're still on the road, somewhere in New Jersey, which is very pretty.  There's a lot more leaves on the trees, some were even green!  It's pretty cool, we were just in the city, and now we're driving along a huge forest.  We have a little more driving to do, and soon we'll be in Pennsylvania!  (Our 5th state of the day!)


  1. I guess you didn't see much of Rhode Island, eh? Too bad. You should come back in a warmer season. If we are home, we'll show you around!

  2. Not too much, no.... We stopped at Roger Williams to visit cousin Katherine, and stayed for two nights in Coventry. The bike path there is really great.


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