Thursday, November 19, 2015

Assateague Island

We arrived at Assateague Island around two or three, and after crossing the bridge, we saw two horses, just nosing around in the grass at the base of the bridge. That led us to believe that they were very common. Not so much, as we drove around looking at campsites, we saw one other horse, grazing calmly. We ended up choosing a camppsite in the Oceanside Campground, with dunes separating us from the beach, so it was just a few hundred feet to he water, but it was out of site. After setting up, my mom and I took a quick bike ride, Elliot did some reading just outside, and my dad read on the beach. My mom and I only rode for about four or five miles, so we decided to take a quick walk on the beach. My dad met up with us on his way home. As we went to bed, it started to rain, and continued to do so for most of the next day. We saw no horses. The next day we walked two nature trails and id a bit of biking. We still saw no horses. As we were leaving, going over the bridge, we saw three horses. We all agree that they may be repeats, but it was nice to have a send-off all the same.
 Here's the horse we saw coming in, looking at campsites.
 There's me, walking along the top of a sand dune.
 Our campsite, with Elliot.
 A lawnchair at the top of a dune.
 One of the rainy days, walking on a nature trail.
 Our send off horses
A little bird, we don't know what kind he/she is.

 Daddy read his book from that lawn chair on the beach.

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