Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween; Portland and Lebanon, ME

Halloween day we tore ourselves away from the Gunther party house, and drove to Portland.  We were able to park a few blocks from the wharf and walk around.  We bought mussels and clams for dinner at a fish market, the front has a sidewalk and the back has a dock, and it smells like a fish dinner!

After that we stopped in a bar to split an appetizer of fried oysters & clams, and this carved painting was on the wall.  Good catch fisherman!

The downtown area is sort of hip I guess, there are lots of bars, and breweries.  I think you'd need to stay here for a week to check them all out.

Elliot and I got a kick out of this Halloween storefront:

Earlier in the day, we were passed by a couple death eaters chasing Hagrid on his motorcycle.  (no, it was just a truck burning a lot of oil)

Around 5 we arrived at our destination near Lebanon ME.  Our boondocker hosts started up a nice bonfire, and there was another family staying there also;  they are traveling for more than a year so far, and have 5 children from from about 7 to 16.  We all had a great time talking and connecting!

Today we went for a couple of bike rides and had a general slow day.
What's a good caption for this homestead?  We found this on our bike ride, and I was thinking maybe we'll set up here next.  It's got a lake, a boat, a trailer and a trailer, and a bulldozer to tow them all with.  And it might take the bulldozer to move any of them.

 And tomorrow we're off toward Cape Cod.


  1. Enjoyed your family via boondockers! Safe travels!!

  2. Enjoyed your family via boondockers! Safe travels!!

  3. Lakefront property! Can we move in too?

    1. Exactly Leslie! Isn't it beautiful? Good boondocking spot. Don't be afraid of getting stuck, the bulldozer can pull you out.


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