Monday, February 29, 2016

White Sands

After escaping the alien abductions at Roswell and Bottomless Pits, we went west again.  (Actually it wasn't the pits, Bottomless Lakes State Park was really great, but one of us called Bottomless Pits and it stuck)

There were great views on the Billy the Kid Trail from Roswell to Alamogordo, over the mountains.  We got nervous again about seeing snow up on top,  brrr...   But we made it through and back out to big skies again.
We had a close call with the world's largest pistachio outside Alamogordo, it was worth the free samples though.

We camped for two nights at a small spot of BLM land east of the White Sands National Monument.  The sunsets and sunrises were amazing.

The next day we took our house to White Sands, just 5 miles away, and played all day.  The sand is really soft, made of gypsum crystals, and it will actually melt away in your mouth (if you don't try to take a whole bite, just some on your tongue).  We played for a while and recovered over lunch, and then went back out again.

Sitting in the cardboard cabanas

It was really great to have a shady place to recover and rest during lunch.  We took our time, read some books, and moved to another spot.  We thought we'd just look at the one dune, but we ended up spending another 2 hours.  A nice photographer guy took some more shots of us playing in the afternoon.
We packed up the mobile hovel, and went back to the BLM spot for another nice sunset and a quiet night.

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