Monday, February 22, 2016

Highest in Texas

Sunday we hiked up Guadalupe Mountain, and it was a real hike too.   About 8 miles round trip and 3000 feet up from the campground at the trailhead.

  We had a 50% attrition rate though, the girls headed back about a third of the way up due to the dizzying view.  However far up you go,  the views are amazing.

At least our pack horse made it all the way with water and granola snacks.

He got nervous when he found snow on the trail. What?! Snow!?


  1. By Golly what a view! We camped in the Guadalupe Mt.Nat'l.Park in 2006 and it was very windy and very cold. However we would have liked to go hiking, but US Nat'l.Parks don't allow dogs on trails and we had 2 dogs at the time, so we didn't go. Btw. we were there in the beginning of January. Are you going to see the Carlsbad Caverns?

  2. It was a great hiking day, clear and comfortable. Yesterday was a little cloudy, and today its foggy.

    We're heading to Carlsbad today. And we want to find more hot springs, Holtsville is on our list.

    Keep warm and cozy up there!


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