Sunday, February 21, 2016

The other half of life in the camper...

Texas has been very scenic, at least the pictures we've shared. I thought we might balance it out a little. So everyone doesn't go off half cocked and start living on the road, expecting maid service and 5 star accommodations, I'll give a shot to show the other half of camper life; laundry and the occasional Walmart parking lot.

We had a destination in mind the other day at Balmorhea Springs, but the campground was all full, all reserved. So we went swimming there for a while, and Elliot and I enjoyed the really nice bathhouse hot showers after. Sadly, the ladies showers had no hot water, but the clear spring fed pool was refreshing and clean. It is a very large swimming pool constructed during the depression by the CCC.

Late in the afternoon, we drove on to Pecos for the Walmart. Another good option is someone's driveway, but the population in West Texas is a little thin, and there aren't any hosts out here yet. The sunset and sunrise were great even at the Walmart, there were several other campers around, and we got a little shopping done.

In the morning, we did some other errands; gas, groceries and laundry. We got up really early and went to the laundromat. It was so early that we got some interesting quotes; Annie said "it smells like water outside", and Alice replied, "yeah, it smells really early out here."

While the laundry was washing at the Fun Wash, we had breakfast. Baked pancakes, mmm mmmmm.

The drive from Pecos to Guadalupe Mountains National Park was easy enough. There were lots of oil & gas drilling trucks, some rvs, and not much else. The view of the mountains in the distance was great.

Here at the national park, the RV part of the campground is just a parking lot with numbered spots. But the view is good and the hiking trails are just steps away. We got the laundry hung up right away to keep the property values from becoming excessive. It is walkup registration only, no reservations. It's pretty full, but there are still one or two spots open this morning still.

We hiked up the Devils Hall trail, it is pretty amazing up at the end.

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  1. Balmorhea --- another spot we stayed a night as well. Oh...all this memories.


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