Thursday, February 11, 2016

Del Rio and Seminole Canyon

After Junction, we made our way southwest to Del Rio!  We made a couple stops at historical markers, hard to believe we made it with Daddy always stopping...
Roadside rest stop picnic area view

Outside Junction, TX     Kimble County has a record number of historical markers to entertain and slow your progress along the roads.

Lake Amistad

We stayed with a really nice couple that we connected with through BoondockersWelcome for two nights, just outside of town.  We went out to church, then took a nice drive along the Rio Grande.

The next day, we left Del Rio for Seminole Canyon State Park, about an hour out of Del Rio. The drive there was really pretty, but the park itself was even better!

The park has a bunch of really deep canyons that eventually run out to the Rio Grande, a few miles south of the entrance.  Some of the canyons have some ancient rock art in them, but we never made it down there.  After we got set up, we rode our bikes out to the Rio Grande on the trails, which was REALLY cool!  The canyons are really neat, and the river has cut a really deep gorge through the land that connects with the canyon.  (I didn't have my tablet, so no pictures, unless my dad puts some up.)

The next day, we rode our bikes along the trail that runs right along the canyon, which was really fun.  It was a bit bumpier than before, but the view was totally worth it.

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