Friday, February 5, 2016

Junction, Texas!

We rolled into the small town of Junction, Texas yesterday afternoon. There's a city park where you can boondock for free, right by the river. A lot of the buildings are pretty old-fashioned, like something out of the 1900s, which is pretty cool.

We put up the antenna and made a few unsuccessful attempts to get internet from in town, but no luck! Fortunately, there's a library and a laundromat with free WiFi just a little walk into town.

My mom and I took a bike ride across the river and out of town a little bit.

The road was pretty steep, but we made it up to a scenic overlook, with a really cool view. We're pretty sure that rocky cliff you can see is what Google Maps called "Lover's Leap."

We came back down from the hill and rode a little ways further along a flatter road, until we came back into town.

This has been a great place to stay for two nights -- tomorrow we're off towards Del Rio, we think!


  1. Beautiful! Looks like you guys are getting a lot of biking in. That'd be a dream to me.

  2. Elliot is definitely riding alot. I'm attempting to keep up, it's a good time.

  3. I bet that sleepy little Texas town is Ted Cruz territory, Huh..?


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