Thursday, February 25, 2016


We went North a little bit (we keep wondering why...) to Carlsbad Caverns and then through the city of Carlsbad.

Driving North along the Guadalupe mountains was pretty, especially with the clouds up against the hills, and a big rainbow.

At the Caverns, it was cold and rainy up on top (surprise, up on the hills in the previous pictures). Down inside the cave it was a lot more comfortable. It was a long hike down and back, said to be 750 feet down, and about 3 miles long, and it was worth it. Sorry the phone camera doesn't do it justice.

Then we drove through the city of Carlsbad, and on to Lake Brantley state park. It's a nice park, the sky is pretty wide open. There are a couple of short hiking or mountain bike trails through the desert.

There is also a good playground structure, which was a hit with our preschoolers. Brings back memories.

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