Monday, February 1, 2016

Texas !! Winnsboro county park

One stop each in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas, and now we're into Texas!  We should be in Texas for more than just one stop, it's a long way to the other side.

We packed up this morning at Crater of Diamonds SP, did laundry, some showers, and biked the trail down to the Little Missouri river.  The kids horsed around on a couple of exercise stations along the trail, just like when they were little.

We stopped in Texarkana for groceries and gas.  Annie had a lady ask her where something was in the store.  She didn't know, 'Sorry I have no idea, we just got to Texas', and the lady replied with 'well Honey, welcome to Texarkana!'

The park tonight was easy to find (with gps and thanks to Al Gore's Internet).  I don't know what we would do without him. 

Seriously, how would one find spots like this if you're not local?  Calling the next town on the phone maybe,  or there used to be guide books.  Like the Army Corps of Engineers campground book we came across, although it does not list this park.

This is a great spot so far.  It's real scenic and deserted on a Monday night.  On weekends I could see kids coming here to hang out, and probably it's a good fishing spot.  It would be great with a small boat.

Setting up was easy, but I moved to the next site over after a few minutes while everyone else went for a walk.  I decided to avoid being under a dead tree with the wind picking up.  I saw the dead wood on the ground when we first parked, but didn't look up much initially.

The oak trees here have the small balls of green leaves on otherwise bare branches, that we've been seeing recently.   What is the cause of these?
What are these balls of green leaves, on otherwise bare oak trees?

They're right over the camper in the trees, what, are, they?.  It seems so romantic here, I think we'll stay another day.


  1. Please share the coordinates for the places you find like this as you go. Perhaps at the end of articles. Seems were following you.

  2. Here's where we found this one, it has more details and exact location. It was a great quiet spot. Uscampgrounds.Info is another good locator.!1763&query=sitedetails

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