Friday, February 5, 2016

I didn't know it was this big!

On our way through Temple, we stopped at a convenience store that appears to be an example of Texas.

I had checked for the best price gas along the route and Buc-ee's showed up. Buc-ee's is huge! There must be about 75 gas pumps, and it could be 50 acres of parking lot.

The inside is like a mall, but with convenience store goods, Texas souvenirs, smoker grills and coolers.

The 'world famous' bathrooms are the largest, cleanest and among the most well built I've seen. The partitions between stalls are not partitions, they're actual tiled walls.

Here's Elliot learning how to fill'er up. Pretty sure this is the lowest price so far, $1.37 a gallon. And those are Texas gallons mind you.

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