Monday, August 1, 2016

Back in Paradise

We're back in upstate New York visiting family for a few weeks.  Seems like we never left, or haven't been gone that long at least. 

We stopped at my brother's house first, hung out and had a relaxing time;  Glenn and I banged out that stabilizer jack all straight good as new again, I checked trailer alignment again and rotated the tires,  we all went for a round of frisbee golf down the road, took bike rides in the morning, sat around the fire after dark watching the bats eating bugs.

Next we're spending time with Annie's family for the yearly big reunion. 
  Some of us took the two windsurfers out at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua (we found a second windsurfer for free a couple weeks ago passing by Georgian Bay).
Elliot trying to get into the middle of the picture...
Annie, Elliot and I rode our bikes around Canandaigua Lake again.

 Annie's bike has had some use on it over this year.  I had noticed her back wheel wobbling recently, and halfway around the lake we had a closer look.  It will be needing a new rim, from the brake pads wearing through it.  We replaced the brake pads a few months ago, not soon enough, as the old pads had worn down to the metal, and were cutting into the rim.  Made it around the lake though.

Folding !  Adirondack chairs


  1. And how does it feel to have seen America? How does it feel to have done the full circle?

  2. You coming back up to Campobello now? Berries are ripening again.

  3. Hi Peter and Bea,
    It feels like there's a lot more to see, it was just once slice through. Spots we would want to see would be the four corners area and southern Utah, and more Pacific Northwest.

    It didn't feel like we were gone long, mostly the same around here. Nieces and nephews are bigger...

    On our next lap, we will look for you. Could be a while though... And we hope to see you stop through Michigan too.


What do you think, where should we go next?