Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Little Traverse Wheel Way (Part 1)

Today we rode from Petoskey State Park, all the way down to Charlevoix, and in Charlevoix, there is a Cherry Republic. Overall, that's thirty-eight miles, round trip. That distance is over twice as much as my personal longest ride. So yeah, I'm tired, still hungry, and a little crabby. It was really, really fun. It's certainly going down as one of the best days of my life.

Okay, so this morning, we were riding by seven, and on the actual bike trail by 7:05 a.m. The Little Traverse Wheel Way goes along Lake Michigan for pretty much the entire time, so you get pretty spectacular views for the whole ride. I, personally, didn't look around very much on the way there, mostly focusing on getting there. I really like my chocolate covered cherries, okay? Anyway, the first stop we had was the MDOT Overlook, about halfway or so to Charlevoix. We sat on the beach for a while, just enjoying the view. Our second stop was on the other side of around three miles, the other MDOT Park. However, this one had bathrooms and water, oh, yeah, and a map. The maps along the trail are great, because each stretch was labeled with how long it was (1.8 miles, 3.0 miles, etc.) And at this point, they haven't faded at all.

When we got to Charlevoix it was around ten, so the roads were mostly clear, and some of the shops were still closed. Luckily, there was a Farmers Market, and for me and Elliot, a great, old fashioned toy store. The two of us like the logic puzzles and such. Cherry Republic was fantastic, lots of free samples. I can personally recommend the dark chocolate covered cherries, but they have plenty of other things for those of you who prefer savory over sweet. I am not in that category.

The way back was hard. It really was, but only for the first few miles, after that, you forget you're biking. My favorite part of this trail is the fact that it's flat. Properly flat, not “flat” but real flat. For me, that's important, I wouldn't last halfway around Canandaigua Lake, that's forty two miles, and very, very, hilly. So yeah, I loved it, and will certainly do it again next year, and would recommend it to any of you bikers.

Elliot and I in the MDOT Park, my favorite spot along trail to stop. It's right by the water, and very pretty.

This one is overlooking the harbor, after we dragged ourselves up this huge hill.

And here's my dad wind surfing off into the sunset.
By the way, this is Alice, not Dale.

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