Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kanakadea County Park

We had a couple of days between hanging out with family, and so we ended up at Kanakadea County Park, outside of Hornell, NY.

The park is on a little lake, so my dad did a bunch of windsurfing while we were here.

My mom wanted to see her parents one last time before we left the area, so we drove over there and had brunch, then we hiked around Grime's Glen. The Glen is a little park in Naples with a trail that goes along a creek with a bunch of waterfalls. (There are some ropes to help you climb up beside the waterfalls, which is pretty fun, but we didn't do that this time.)

We didn't go out at all on the second day, we just hung out and did school stuff, projects, windsurfing, etc.

After three nights at Kanakadea, we packed up and headed west to hang out with cousins for the weekend!

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