Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's The Month of Reunions

It's the month of reunions, quite literally. Although this does include some of July. First we got to see the New York Kleins, (My Aunt Kristine, Uncle Glen, and cousins Madeline and Nathan.) At the time, Madeline was in Germany for an exchange program, but it was still really great to see everyone. We got to go disc golfing, most of us are rather bad at it... It was still really fun though. One of the nice things about staying in the camper while visiting people is you have to pack absolutely nothing. And, if things get to loud, or it's getting late, you can go home. Anyway, after seeing the New York Kleins, we headed over to my Yeaple Grandparents.

This is where things get a little crazy. I'm not going to introduce everyone, as that would make a very long blogpost on its own. This year for the reunion, we came in waves. First the Johnstons on Wednesday, us Kleins on Thursday, and the Gunthers on Friday. Including all official Yeaple Clan members, there are twenty of us. So yeah, things are a bit hectic. For the first night, we stayed at the Grandparents, (I was able to sleep inside and get a break from my family, no offence.)  Night Two was the rental cabin, everyone came over for dinner that night. The Gunthers arrived around nine thirty p.m. I have no idea how late I was up, until after 10:30 at least. Some people went to bed after two. Just a typical Yeaple night.

Okay, Day Three. Around noon or so, we all headed over to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Davids house for lunch. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly what we did all day, I went for a swim, spent a lot of time on the trampoline with Gracie, and played a whole of this rather odd dice game. Oh yes, and all the Aunts, my cousin Katherine and I all went to Wegmans. Once again, it was dinner at the cabin. Okay, this time I stayed up late, at least by my standards. A lot of us were up until almost one playing the dice game, I think it's called Liar's Dice?

Day Four. Elliot, my Dad, all the Gunther boys and I went down to the lake to attempt windsurfing. I didn't end up trying, I have really bad balance... Oh well. So yeah, windsurfing, swimming, and a few of them tried paddle-boarding. After that, it was back to the Yeaples for real food. (Deep fried oreos do not count. Those things are terrifying.) We spent some time there, then it was back to the Yeaple Grandparents for dinner.

Allright, so you get the idea. We spent a lot of time just sitting around talking, eating or playing games. Mostly eating. I'm sorry, but there aren't really any pictures for this... But like I said you get the idea.

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