Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Little Traverse Wheel Way (Part 2)

Okay, so now for part two. We started out around seven a.m. and had a nice calm little ride into Harbor Springs, the little, well, not so little town at the other end of the bike path. That side is only about fourteen, or thirteen miles round trip. It's peaceful, quiet, and right on the highway. Yep, you ride about ten feet from the cars, all going about seventy (Okay, maybe only about forty-five.) For one thing, it makes you go really fast, at least in my case, on the other hand, your nerves are pretty much shot by the time you get home.

That's part of the trail, most of it's the same distance from the highway as a sidewalk from your average road, about five, ten feet. So overall, there's about ten or fifteen feet between you and the cars. For me, that's a good distance. At the end of the trail, if you ride into town, there are some truly stunning views, and some fantastic Victorian houses. However, do keep in mind the hill... It's long, steep, and ends on a corner. So yeah, I hope you've got good brakes. Coming back up is hard, but it's also kind of fun. By this point I was sort of giddy, I hadn't made it all the way up and down the trail before, so it was a fairly big deal for me.

Alright, I get it, I'll find you some pictures now.

So we saw this last year, and I really truly didn't remember it. But now... Well, I put my fingers in the cage...

 Elliot and I fell for it...
 Here we are, down by the docks in Harbor Springs, eating...
 Here's a nice picture over the harbor from the top of the hill.
  And here we are, from last year! There's Elliot, without hair spilling out of his helmet, my mom, looking like she's having fun, and I look like I'm going to start screaming at people. Well... at least I enjoyed it this year.

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