Saturday, August 20, 2016


After hanging out with our cousins at Allegany for a couple of (really fun!) days, we packed up and hit the road pretty early in the morning heading for Hartland.
Hitting the road

We drove through Cleveland, and added that to the list of big cities that we've taken the trailer through. (including NYC, Boston, Charleston, Sacramento, Reno, and Salt Lake City) We even went right past the Quicken Loans Arena, where they had the RNC!

It took us most of the day, but late in the afternoon we pulled into our driveway and set up for a few days. We didn't really take any pictures while we were here, because we didn't do anything really interesting. (Alice saw some friends, my dad checked back in with his boss, we all had eye exams, etc) I had some tests to take for school, which went OK, and it seems like I'll be on track to re-enter the system and be all caught up this fall.

We still have almost two weeks before we need to be back to stay for work and school, so after two days, we packed up and went up to hang out with our friends (that we haven't seen in a year!) up on Saginaw Bay.

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