Monday, July 25, 2016


We left Killbear and headed south.  We stopped for Internet, and then we picked up another windsufer (for free) off of Kijiji, the Canadian craigslist.  We hung out at a beach in Waubaushene for a bit, then moved over to spend the night at a boondocker outside of Barrie, Ontario.
Sunset at the beach
The next morning, we picked up MORE windsurfer stuff (I think it was a wetsuit) and drove all the way to a boondocker in Hamilton, Ontario.  We ended up going through a bit of the city, which took a while, but was kinda neat to see.

My parents and I took a little bike ride the next morning.  Our hosts mentioned that there was a bike trail a little ways up the road, so we set off to find that.  It's called the "Lafarge 2000 Trail" and it goes up over some really steep drumlins!  It had rained pretty recently, so it was a little buggy, but it was still pretty awesome!  That part of the trail wasn't very long (about 1.5 miles) so we ended up on a road again pretty quickly, but it was fun!

Our previous hosts said that Hamilton has a bunch of waterfalls that you can go see (I think they said 200!) so later that day we set out to go see some.  I don't remember the names of any of the ones we saw, but they were pretty cool, and the hiking was nice.  It sorta reminded me of the hikes we did in Salt Lake City.

The view was pretty awesome here!

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