Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sacramento Valley

Elliot's math test was arranged to be taken in Sacramento, being generally on our path clockwise around the US.  There were a couple of boondocker places we had lined up to stay near and in the city,  and the post office had some minor goodies waiting for us.

First day driving through the city, we found the post office and the library.  Once we got to the library, everyone went inside, and I couldn't help myself.  I had to install my goodie right away;  a current shunt for the battery negative cable so the solar charge controller will also track state of charge.  Good clean fun for an hour or two...  The library security guy came and asked me to clear out like I'm moving into the parking lot, ok I did have tools on the tailgate of the truck.
In the afternoon we found a great park and trail along the river, and we took a good ride.  Another Bob Dylan sighting:

First we stayed out east of Folsom Lake in the El Dorado hills.  Our first impression of the hills was "here's where they filmed Walnut Grove and Little House on the Prairie."   More biking and exploring, and prepping for the test.  Elliot has been managing his own coursework for AP Calculus, this would be the material I did in first year of college.  I've been impressed with his diligence and patience, I haven't helped much.  This last week or two, I was able to help reviewing the several practice tests.  He has improved a bit on each of the practice tests, and he's gotten into the range for a 4 (out of 5) that he needs to get credit for the class.  We'll find out his score in July.

A couple days before the test we moved to a spot closer to the high school, and stopped in to confirm his registration and where to show up on test day.
Fast times at Rosemont High.   Let me out!
We stayed at another boondocker's place, a nice working class neighborhood in Sacramento.  The neighborhood was great for biking around again.  And plenty of cool car projects parked around to check out.

How many VW campervans do you need?  More!   (count-em Count!  One!  Two!  Three!   Four!)       (four is peeking around the fence on a trailer out on the street, must be the newest aquisition)

The evening after Elliot's test we surprised him with his recent favorite movie, The Force Awakens, the third time watching it now.  Alice was so supportive too, she made him brownies to celebrate.

This other cool old truck was on the way out the next day, at an olive oil mill.  Probably too much of a project....

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