Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Ideal Location

     As we drove up a scenic road, just off U.S. 101, we saw a sign for a Casino. Okay, hold on, I'll explain. Some Casinos will let RVs stay in their parking lots, for free, with no water or electric, or some, like this one, a very low rate, with water and wifi. We've tried this before, and it hasn't worked out so well. I, personally, was a little wary.
     So we pull into the parking lot, and there's a sign, pointing off to our left, that says RV Parking. A little ways away, another sign that has camping rules. Looks like we've found a place for the night. But just one, maybe we'd stay for the morning and look around. As it turn out, there are a lot of little beaches around, including Moonstone Beach... If anyone of you readers comes out to around Eureka, and are into beach combing, skip Moonstone Beach. There are some rocks, and no shells. Well, there is drift wood, but that's it. However, if you continue north along the scenic road for about a mile, there's another beach. It has a sign warning about what to do if there's an earthquake, and talks about unpredictable waves, and the tides. The parking lot is tiny, room for maybe eight cars.
     The trail is made of driftwood steps, and you go down about thirty feet. You want to turn left, and go about a hundred yards. Then you hit the rocks. The sand turns into pebbles, and rocks are between you and the ocean now. The pebbles are almost all smooth and round, with some sea glass mixed in. That's were you want to be. I'm guessing my mom and I brought back about two to three pounds of rocks, each.
 Elliot standing on a rock, looking very majestic.
 A view of the small beach, the one with the great rocks.
 A view of the Pacific from near our camper.
Another picture of the Pacific Ocean.

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