Saturday, May 21, 2016

Elk Prairie to Patrick Creek

After a few nights at the casino, we packed up and drove into the tiny town of Trinidad for the morning. There was a marine research lab managed by some college that was open to the public, so we took a little tour of that. Then we stopped at the library (which had super fast internet!) for a bit, and then we were off up the coast a bit more.

We ended up at Elk Prairie Campground in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. The campground is in the woods, right by a big field that elk seem to hang out in, which was pretty cool! My mom and I took a little ride through the woods towards the coast, but we didn't make it all the way, too many big hills! After we got all set up, my dad started installing a new-to-us inverter that he picked up when we were at the casino.

The next day, we hung around the house in the morning, and took a little hike around the prairie in the afternoon. We also moved over to a different spot in the campground, which was a lot shadier than our other spot. It was also pretty cloudy, so we had to the run the generator, for the first time in a really long time!

The next morning, we packed up and drove north! We stopped in Crescent City for lunch, and got some groceries. Then, we started heading east, away from the coast, and ended up at Patrick Creek Campground, in the National Forest. (I'm happy that we're heading east, the weather along the coast is kinda gloomy, and I'm excited to get back to the desert!)

In the morning, my parents and I took a little bike ride up one of the little forest roads, that was very pretty. Then, we packed up and headed into Oregon!

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