Thursday, April 28, 2016

Donner Pass and Colfax

We left Reno kinda late in the day, after running a few errands, and headed into the Sierra Nevada.  We drove through the mountains for a while, (crossed back into California at some point) and then we saw a sign for "Donner Memorial State Park!"  We stopped at the visitors center and the Emigrant Monument, and took a few pictures.
The Emigrant Monument
Right about after we left the park, it started snowing!  That's not a good omen...  Fortunately, we made it over the mountains, and down to a little county park by the river, just outside of the tiny town of Colfax, without eating each other.

It's really pretty around here, kinda feels like somewhere in the Northeast, like New York or New Hampshire.  The weather was really nice while we were here, it's starting to feel like summer!

One of the trails around the county park went through this very pretty meadow
The campground was really pretty, right by the river, and there were some nice trails to walk on.  We did a lot of biking while we were there too.  The campground was at the bottom of a really, (REALLY) long hill, and some of us biked up that and into town.

Nice view!

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