Friday, May 27, 2016

Crater Lake!!

The last night at Natural Bridge we packed up ahead of time and set our alarms. We left around 6:30 for Crater Lake, the roads were deserted, and we were in the snow by 7:30.

The road up to the top is cleared year round, but the road around the crater rim is only opened now part way for driving, and after that several miles more for hiking or biking. We stopped at the lodge, and a couple other overlooks to look around. Elliot and Alice had fun in the snow tunnels under the eaves of the buildings.

We kept going and parked at the end of the driveable road. Is the snow deep enough for you? The yearly average snowfall is 43 feet!

Elliot and I rode a mile or two further, and Annie and Alice walked.

The snow is solid and we were able to ride on it, at least downhill, so we hiked up a bit and rode back down.

The views at the top were spectacular. It would be a great stop if a person is anywhere close. There is a posh lodge at the top, and there is a campground a couple miles back down the mountain. (The campground is currently closed with snow).

Wizard Island is a cinder cone within the lake, and has it's own little crater on top, but no lake within...

On our way back down, we stopped for Annie Falls!

Another geologic feature are the pinnacles or spires in the river canyons below crater lake.  The original mountain, Mt Mazama, formed various river canyon down the side of it.  When the large eruption happened, hundreds of feet of ash filled the canyons.  After the major eruption, steam and minerals flowed up through the ash (think hot springs), and cemented together vertical tubes.  Over time the softer ash eroded and left the standing pinnacles.  There are more pinnacles in another part of the park, but the road is still closed for snow.


  1. Why is it that "everybody tries to find snow in high elevations when it is summer and warm in the valleys? But you got some very "cool" (freeze, freeze..) pictures!

  2. We just found more snow today in Lemoille canyon, Nevada! I guess we're not looking for snow, but just keep running into it. Or unconsciously I'm seeking it out so I can have snowball fights with the kids.


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