Saturday, April 23, 2016

Snow Day!!

We heard there would be rain or snow for the weekend, so we stayed put in the city campground.  A couple of tent campers all cleared out before the snow, and we moved to a site close to the hot showers.  About mid-day Friday it started snowing and we got 3 to 4 inches overnight.  A pretty winter wonderland greeted us in the morning Saturday.

I had finished yesterday making a lid for the box on the tongue of the trailer, just in time, after we heard there would be rain, or, .._shudder_.., snow.  The box has been there for a couple months now, since Big Bend, and it has drizzled maybe once in all that time.

In the morning I climbed up and cleared off the solar panels, the previous day had not recharged the battery much, being cloudy and parked in the trees.  Usually we stay well charged even on a cloudy day, or with partial shade.  Either a couple hours of sun, or most of the day with clouds will still do it.

The snow didn't stay long, it warmed up and all melted by late afternoon.  We did our laundry and grocery shopping, everything we'd need is a couple blocks away.

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