Friday, April 8, 2016

Alabama Hills - More Rocks!

After Fossil Falls, we drove north again to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills.  The hills take their name from the confederate battleship Alabama, after prospectors sympathetic to the confederacy named all named their claims alone those lines.

The rocks are similar to the City of Rocks in NM; weathered volcanic granite tuff with vertical cracks from cooling.   In other words, the best kind of rocks to be climbing on.  The area is BLM land, and it has also been used for shooting many movies and tv shows.  

We spent a little time walking around when we got there, and found a nice spot to tuck the camper into.  Plenty of room once up there, but pretty tight and a little steep to get through.

 We stayed up in the hills for three nights.  We climbed around the rocks of course, and rode bikes over to a couple of hiking trails to the Mobius Arch and the Eye of the Alabama.

Mobius Arch

Sierras in the Mobius Arch

Eye of the Alabama

Eye of the Alabama
After the fourth day in the hills, we went down into town for a night.   Lone Pine is a cute little town, it has a film museum, and even a Tesla charging station.

We were able to camp by a public park, and get connected to the internet.  (I got my traffic school done.  Kids, don't text while driving, and don't drive on that gore either, just take the next exit please...)   

I parked close to a tree, making a mental note about needing to pull out carefully the next day.   Not sure where that note got filed, but the next day we pulled right out and made a little boo-boo on the back of the trailer.   It's not so bad, but I was kicking myself and my mental filing system... 

Believe it or not, it started raining as soon as there was a hole in the camper.   So at the next stop (Manzanar), I got the ladder out, put the trim back in place and sealed 'er up.  The awning will be a little more of a scavenger hunt for the right part.


not pretty, but still dry inside...

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