Monday, April 11, 2016

Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

Before heading into the area around Mammoth Lakes, we had a good idea of where the hot springs are. For the first night, we headed over to Wild Willies, a lot of the ones around here are free, including that one.  We parked, and walked down. It’s a clay pool, with a gravel bottom, and a stream flowing into it. The closer you go to the stream, and the spring, the hotter it gets. We don’t know how hot the water is, but it’s probably around 100-105 degrees F.
Now, it’s important that you remember that it’s kind of cold up here, we’re at around 6000 feet above sea level. It’s really very pretty, with the hot spring in a field, in the middle of a valley, with steam coming up off the water, and the mountain on both sides. It’s hard to explain so I’ll let you see for yourself.
 The mountains reflecting in the pond on the way down to the springs.
 The actual springs, as you can tell, we're in a pretty good mood at this point.
 Another picture of the hot springs, with the stream leading into it. (Can we just ignore my face here?)
 Another really cool shot of the mountains.
And yes, another cool picture of the mountains.


  1. What an adventure in this kind of landscape thousands of feet above sea-level. You guys look pretty happy.

  2. We're aiming next for Travertine Hot Springs, up past Mono Lake. It snowed on us this morning too, oooh brrr...


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