Friday, April 22, 2016

Sun, fun, and ... ... Snow!?!?

We rolled into Lake Tahoe a couple days ago after a stop a Turtle Rock county park.  It was a short drive so we got here early and had time to ride around.

There is a nice city campground in South Tahoe, next to the lake and and essentially in the middle of town.  We can see out to the lake through the trees.

Walking or biking to anything we would need, library, groceries, hardware, and gambling in the next state.  Yeah, the kids are big into gambling...  This is the first time we recall riding our bikes into another state on this trip.
 Lake Tahoe is definitely pretty. 

 I really like the old F250 here, looks like someone's daily driver.

This morning we took another big ride, early in the morning.  A little brisk, but sunny and warm once you're moving.   We rode along the south end of the lake, to the west is a big national forest campground, Camp Richardson.  The campground is being rebuilt now, and the beach there is huge.  There are plenty of good bike routes and trails around the area.

And then mid-day today,  SNOW!   This was just the start, there could be more, it's still coming down.

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