Monday, March 21, 2016

We've hit the Cacti

The desert in Arizona seems to be made primarily of rock, spines, and short little trees. That’s the flat part. When you get up into the hills, about 10 miles out of  Tucson, coming from the east, you start to see the saguaro cacti. These are not in any way like the little prickly pears of Texas. These things are HUGE. 
 Some are only ten to fifty years old, and about three to five feet high. The next ‘“level” seems to be the twenty something, one hundred plus years old cacti.

 We hadn’t  seen many yet, as we were driving into Tucson at night.
There’s a little patch of BLM land, called Snyder Hill, that seems to be popular. As we drove up, we some some muted lights, and thought, okay, so we’re not alone. Then we saw a few more in the headlights, making us think, okay, maybe ten. Maybe. In the morning, it turns out we have neighbours, as believed. But we have over thirty of them. The hill was very pretty, and we could see some saguaros in the fields across the road.
We  immediately headed out to explore, shop, and find a library. From what we saw, Tucson is a very pretty city, and it’s very clean. We went to Trader Joe’s, a Starbucks, and an Albertsons, the Wegmans of the west. We were rather, (very) tired when we got home, but kept going out for the next few days. We stayed one night at Saguaro National Park for one night, and then went back to Snyder hill to finish up our time in Tucson.
 Elliot hugging the cacti.
 A really cool church we went and saw, it's called San Xavier Del Bac.
 One of the cool campers we saw in the National Park. I had to drag Daddy away from this one, once we started talking to the owners from Colorado.
We got to go out to lunch, in a little Mexican restaurant that's been there since the fifties.
My mom with some cacti, mostly in the background.
A nice sunset with some saguaros.

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