Friday, March 11, 2016


We've been slowly boondocking our way west, towards Tuscon. We spent most of our last day at City of Rocks, doing some climbing and hiking, then drove across the road to some BLM land for the night. The weather was really crazy that night, lots of wind and rain!

The next day, we drove over to Lordsburg, because there was some more BLM land there. We stopped at the library for a bit (REALLY slow Internet!) then drove south out of town. There was a ghost town off the main road a bit, so we drove over there, but it was closed. Then, as we were driving out back to the main road on a different route, this guy in a big front-end loader chased us down and told us that we were on private property (oops!) and that there was a locked gate the way we were going. So we turned around, and went back the way we came.

Our spot was maybe half a mile off the road, in the middle of the desert. The Continental Divide Trail was also nearby, so we checked that out.

The sunset that night was REALLY awesome!

The next morning, we did some camper projects, then packed up and started driving towards the main road. There was a big semi trailer parked up on the other side of the main road that had been there since last night, and as we were driving out, there were two people outside it, flying a cool little drone. We stopped and said hi, and as we were talking, one of them casually mentioned that they were living in the trailer! They graciously gave us a little tour, which was really cool! They've totally converted the trailer into a living space - they've got a workbench, a kitchen, toilet, shower, bed, computer, shelves... It was really cool! With that, you could just pull into any truck stop, and nobody would know the difference - we certainly wouldn't have! They've got a blog too -- Jewel and Warren from . You meet a lot of really cool people out here!

then drove back into town, and stopped at the library to figure out where to go. We decided on a casino in Tuscon, or some BLM land if the casino didn't work out. The drive over to Tuscon was very pretty, but it was totally dark by the time we got there.

The casino parking lot was pretty packed (I think it was bingo night) but we managed to find a spot, and we walked up to the door to see if we could stay the night. (On the way over to the door, we checked the Internet, and it was pretty good!) The security guy at the door told us that the tribe who's land the casino is on wasn't letting anyone stay overnight until after Easter. Oh well...

As we were driving up to the BLM land, we didn't see any lights, but as we turned in, suddenly there were tons of RVs! It was really awesome! We counted them the next morning, and there's probably at least 30 or 40 rigs! It's the first time we've ever seen anyone else on BLM land, it's pretty cool!


  1. By the time you will reach the Holtville Hot Springs most of the people there might have started on their trail back home. Around this time it is getting really hot out there, so you will be able to enjoy most of the area by yourself.

  2. heading for Holtville soon... And it is getting hot here, too hot.


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