Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bye bye Yuma, welcome to California

We drove out of Painted Rocks early in the cool morning after short bike, and drove across I8 to Yuma.

Did I mention yesterday my luck was running thin? So I got a little education and a nice award to go with it. We're going along I8, nice and easy slow in right lane, and I see a big public library on the left, and the exit for it, right Now. So I exited. Once I'm on the off ramp, I notice, hey there's a friendly police officer behind me. Drive over to the library, and he pulls in with his lights on. Oh well. See he learned me that the dangerous triangular section of pavement by the ramp is called a 'gore', and I done drove on it halfway. $250 and 4 hours of online driver safety class.

Oh well, not bad for all the distance covered thus far, and no actual scrapes with obstacles or handcuffs.

We did a few errands going through Yuma, and happily said bye bye. I finally gave away the old extra propane tank to the guy at the RV park propane station, so he can put a new valve on, repaint, recertify it and sell it. Better than scrapping it.

The Holtville hot springs and BLM area are not too hard to find, and we got set up in a nice little spot in the 14 day area in time for the sunset.  We asked the host at the LTVA if he's seen our friend PEI Bob, but he hadn't heard of him.  We've come all this way, I hope he's still here and we can find him to say hi!

We had time before dark to ride around and explore. The canal takes what is left of the Colorado to the farm fields here and west in the imperial valley.

This morning we rode up to the hot springs along the canal.

We found the usual types at the hot springs; happy, relaxed people. We asked about any other springs they liked. These two guys from northern California are touring hot springs, and headed down to Mexico to see some there. Jason recommended a couple places and showed me his hot springs guidebooks. I start madly photographing California and Nevada pages, and then Jason suggests we borrow it and mail it back later, he only needs the Mexico book for now. Well there you go, welcome to California! Thanks Jason!

The books are:
Great hot springs of the West, by Bill Kaysing
Hot springs and hot pools of the southwest, by Marjorie Gersh-Young   <---  This is the one I'd recommend of the two books, great easy to use maps and descriptions.

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