Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuscon Mountain Park

We've been spending the past few days exploring Tuscon, and staying at a very nice BLM spot. But yesterday, we moved over to Tuscon Mountain Park, which is right by Saguaro National Park. (It's actually pronounced "sawaro,"' we learned.)

We got a spot in the campground, off of the main road, surrounded by really tall saguaros.

There are some nice hiking trails around here, which we checked out.

I took a bike ride the next morning, just as the sun was coming up, which was very pretty.

We checked out, then drove over until the national park. We stopped at the visitors center, and watched the informational video.

Then, we drove around the national park a bit. It was really, (REALLY) hot, so the only hiking we did was a little walk on a short trail to see some petroglyphs.

After that, we drove back over to our BLM spot, and stayed the night there. Tuscon has been great, but we're ready to keep moving!

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