Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tucson around town

We've been in Tucson now for almost a week, probably longer than intended, but we caught up on some things. Grocery shopping mostly; yesterday we stopped for milk and came out with 50 bucks off everything, and we also hit up the first Trader Joe's in several thousand miles. Trips to the library (got the taxes done, woohoo!), errands, some clothes at Goodwill, sneakers, etc. Even though we stayed all week at very cool BLM (free) spot, our spending was higher than usual, having stores around.

Sunday we walked around the book festival at the University of Arizona. It looks like a nice campus, which got Elliot thinking maybe going college would be a good idea. I thought this set of bumper stickers on an old truck was funny.

We moved over to the Tucson Mountain campground, for a change, and basic facilities (we were full to the brim...). This park is really nice too, huge saguaros everywhere.

Saturday we went out for lunch at El Torero, a cool old Mexican place that has been there since the 50's. The kids had mild salsa and didn't say it was too hot. I turned red and sweated....

In the afternoon, we watched the airshow at Davis-Monthan AFB, and drove past the huge mothball fields of aircraft.

Earlier in the week we walked through San Xavier Mission, a very impressive Spanish mission from the 1700's.

Alice has been trying out hairstyles this week.

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  1. Again your are walking in our tracks. The San Xavier Mission stands out in our visit to the area. Also further south on I-19 towards the Mex.border another mission (Tumacacori Nat'l Monument)on the east side of the road.


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