Sunday, March 6, 2016

City of Rocks State Park

We arrived at City of Rocks state park around four p.m, while it was still nice an light out. It took awhile to pick out a campsite, and it was a little bit hard to get into. The spot was sort of a collection of three sites, two farther down, and one pretty high up. We picked the one up high and had to back up into it, so that was interesting. The great thing is that you’re parked right up in the rocks, which range from probably twenty feet, and five feet. Most you cannot climb, but the ones that you can...
Anyway, most of us were pretty tired, but Elliot went right out into the rocks, and stayed out there for about half an hour.
In the morning, me and Elliot headed out into the rocks, the first of several trips. That evening we went to bed tired, scraped, bruised, and very happy. In the morning, we took a quick hike up a large hill, which had a great view. After the hike, we moved down to the visitors center, so me and Elliot could climb around different rocks. We headed out to some BLM land around five, that was just a little drive away. We stayed there one night, and headed out in the morning.

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