Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Orlando landing, Elliot's picture album

  We are in Orlando now for a few weeks,  all in one place for a while at Annie's sister's house.

  The yard was a little tight fit, we're wedged in the hedge!

Before, oh sure, it'll fit right in there...
yep, see Homer, those there bushers are Flexible

 We kept our priorities straight, and went to see Star Wars first thing in the morning after we arrived, just the boys;  Elliot, Uncle Mark and I.  I still remember my Dad taking me to see Star Wars in 1976.  The Force Awakens was great, we'll probably have to go see it again with all of us.  Mark already got in a second showing.

And then we've been just relaxing and playing, little projects around the house and camper, playing with the dogs, etc. 

Today was our Christmas celebration,  and Elliot put together a collection of his pictures from the trip so far:

   3 1/2 months on the road ! 

This one may be my favorite,  a panorama from the top of the hill overlooking Camden, ME.  We had arrived at the campground in the later afternoon, but we had time to bike up to the top and look around as the sun was setting.

Merry Christmas!


What do you think, where should we go next?