Monday, December 14, 2015

Last stop before Florida

It felt like a record time to cross Georgia from top to bottom yesterday; We drove down the coast from Savanna / Fort McAllister to St Mary's in just a
couple hours, normally we have taken I-75 the long way.  We did stop to try 'Boil' (boiled) peanuts at this peach stop, 25% of us (Elliot) liked them!

So it was a nice short day driving and we had time to look around St Mary's in the afternoon, and have a nice sunset out the window. 

Today we parked here under the palm trees.

The waterfront is cute, with a large park and some shops and restaurants. Across the river is Florida. The Cumberland National Seashore is off shore a couple miles, with ferries running out to it several times a day. In the middle of the park is a boat ramp and a lot of boat trailer parking spots which we conveniently fit into.  The marina and moorings just up the river are a paradise for basket case sailboats, if anyone is in the market.  Some nice ones too of course.

There is currently a large wooden tall ship, the Peacemaker, docked here in the river, and we walked through it. It was taken over and completed by a commune group, they have sailed it for a few years and now it's up for sale.

We were careful to use caution with our risk....

St Mary's history goes way back:  When the Acadians were chased out of Nova Scotia in mid 1700s, a large number found shelter here after hard times on a Caribbean island.  Back in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and maybe Campobello too, there are numerous historical markers about the Acadians and the British sending them out elsewhere.  Larger numbers went further west into Canada, and to Louisiana.

There is a nice plaque in a peace garden nearby downtown.

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