Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach

Well here's an old school motorhome; 1981 Winnebago Brave here from Montana.  The back of the camper has a rack full of walking sticks that he's carving and polishing to sell later.

We're at a county beach access point that is posted as allowing overnight parking. And it's perty nice; trees on either side so as to not see the parking area from the big condos on either side, the road is a ways back without much traffic, and the beach is just over the dunes.

Bob in his Winnebago drove in about sunset, we had been here for an hour or so. Fun guy to talk to, he has done a few repairs to get it on the road, new trans (3 speed) and numerous other projects (body work from an elk hit on the passenger side front). His phone rang while we were talking, and then he drove off shortly after, so we had the park to ourselves for the night.

In the morning, Annie, Alice and I walked up the beach to explore.

About a half mile up there is another similar but larger beach park, with showers. We may swing through here shortly.

This park had more overnight campers last night, one huge new class A pusher, and then these two other more, ahem, old school, rigs. Note the Maine tag, what will Mainers think of next?  I suspect these are budget conscious travellers.

I talked with the young couple in this trailer, they have moved back here to Florida, (from Colorado?) in search of a new start.  Looking for restaurant jobs to start with, and staying here at the park as long as they can.


  1. Go to St. Augustine's Nights of Lights. About an hour south of Fernandina on the other side of Jax. Also Nation's Oldest City, celebrated 450 years this year.

  2. Thanks! We will, we're at Anastasia right now!

  3. Still following along. Where will you be at Christmas?

  4. Hi guys, Best wishes for a white Christmas! We're in Orlando now at Annie's sister's house, for about 3 weeks.


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