Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hunting Island

We stayed in a Walmart parking lot (“Mr. Walton's driveway”) last night, and this morning we drove over here to Hunting Island State Park. This really feels like somewhere in South America, there's palm trees and tropical-looking plants all over! We're really close to the beach, but our site is really shady, which is awesome.

We got here around midday, so once we were all set up, I biked down the beach a bit. It just happened to be low tide, so on the north end of the beach, there were a TON of exposed tidal pools. The beach probably gained a quarter mile or so from where it is a higher tides, you can go out really far. It's pretty fun riding around the tidal pools, you just have to watch for soft sand, and the rest of the sand is really washboard-y. As I was coming back though, the tide must've been coming in, because one stream I had crossed without getting wet was a lot deeper.

Later that day, I took another ride down the beach the other way. We had heard that there was some flooding a month or two ago around here, and there were a bunch of trees that had been uprooted and were lying on the beach. They looked like they had been there for a while, some of them were buried quite a bit. It was pretty tricky going through the trees with my bike, but I managed to find a trail that went around them, then back out to the beach. I rode up the beach a bit more, through some trees, until I came to more trees that looked like they would be really hard to get through, so I turned around.

A bunch of trees had been uprooted on the beach, maybe by flooding

We didn't really go anywhere outside of the state park, mostly just biking and walking and hanging out, it was really nice. I did have some bike trouble, but we got that fixed. I have to say, I really like these South Carolina state parks, they're really nice!

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