Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life is an Afternoon at the Beach - Always a change in Plans

We haven't been keeping in touch enough, maybe we'll catch up on the last couple weeks, but here's a quick day summary of the past 24 hours.

This afternoon we are having a sort of hilarious time, at Folly Beach County Park, SC.     What's so hilarious? The idea that our little 'house' is located here at the beach, right out at the end of the road, three of us playing on our devices on the internet and the other baking granola bars in the oven and making her own hot chocolate mix in the ocean and bay view kitchen.....  

 The county parks (and the state parks too) are great in South Carolina. Last night we were at James Island county park outside Charleston, and the Festival of Lights is on.

The campground was all full hookups and a little expensive, but really great for bikings around and then seeing the Christmas lights. It's weird to have holiday activities when it's all warm out, but I think we're getting over it. 

Dreidel, Dreidel

We had an easy going wake up and pack up today, pulling out of the campground but just parking in one of the other lots at the park and biking the paths again. The light displays are neat even with the lights off.

There are also tidal areas behind the park that we found today, and a couple of guys were crabbing from the dock.
Come and get me, I don't bite....

We had lunch in the camper after our ride, breaking the budget again with PB&J & banana sandwiches. That's our very typical lunch most days that we're moving. A short way further south-east is Folly Beach. We had figured to come down here and see the beach quick, then go on to our next place.

But after walking around for a while, picking shells and finding starfish, playing with everyone else's dogs on the beach,  we thought maybe stay here for dinner and the sunset.  Since there are beach houses up to the north, with clear line of sight, we also could get connected. So here we are, and here's this post, at least written out.

location, location, location...

And then the change of plans.... turns out the park closes at 5, and it doesn't get dark as early here as I was thinking, and we walked on the beach longer than expected.

As I was taking pictures of the sunset, and Annie & Alice were about a half mile down the beach, the county park guy comes by to mention he'd like to close the gate, very friendly like being as it's already after 5.  So quick, Elliot run down the beach to get the girls and off we go to our next destination;  Mr. Walton's driveway.     

And there we are, tucked in for the night.

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  1. We have been guests at the James Island Co. Park in 2010 and enjoyed all those Christmas Lights. Wonderful place to be when exploring Charleston.


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