Monday, January 18, 2016

Out of the Hedge!

We're back on the road!  My dad and I got up earlyish and rode our bikes over to a little mountain bike setup in a public park a little ways away.  It was a little chilly, but it was pretty fun anyway.When we got back there was this pretty crazy spider in the house!Then we pulled the trailer out of the hedge, and hit the road again!We stopped at Skycraft (hardware store on steroids!) on our way out, and got a bunch of stuff -- you can find anything at Skycraft -- lug butt shrink, mom on/off switches...*

We only got on the road sometime after noon, and our Skycraft stop took a while, so we ended up getting to our campground in the dark.  A boondocker host mentioned Cedar Key to us a while back, so we thought we'd stop by.  It's a tiny island on the west coast, and we're staying a few miles outside.  We tooled around the island a bit, then came over to a nice little county campground.  It's really pretty around here, the sunset was really awesome, I'm excited to explore around a bit.  It's great to be back on the road -- except, of course, for the lack of internet...☺

*The switches don't work though, we tried them


  1. To clarify, those items were read as Mommy On/Off switches, and Large Butt Shrink.

    I was having trouble concentrating on my shopping with all the cackling.

    I did get two packs of the Large Butt Shrinks for my personal use.

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