Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Full-time RVing with Cats

In the RV, there's four of us people, and then we brought our two cats!  It's definitely a different experience than RVing without animals, but it's nice to have animals along.

While we're driving, we load the cats into the front, where we have their carriers stacked up between Alice and I.  (Naturally, “Pudgycat” goes on the bottom.) 
Hello, I'm Tiny Cat (Tuxedo), I'm ready to go, and I don't like it!

 For the first few days of our test trip out West, we had the carriers strapped down on the bathtub, in the back of the RV.  The second day in, it was pretty hot, and we did a super long day in the car.  When we got there, neither of the cats looked good, so we reconsidered, and keeping them in the front has been a pretty great solution for everyone.  So, don't try that.  Keep the pets where you would like to ride.

For water and food, we have their litterbox in the bathtub/shower, and their food and water is in the bathroom too.  It's really great having a fan and a vent back there, I dunno what we'd do without it.
Keep it real kids, this is where we go!    (Those PBRs are good, and the bag is the windsurfer bag)
We found after a while that the cheaper nonclumping little works best, we had always used clumping before.  The solids can be scooped out and put down the toilet, without really getting any clay with it.  And then do a total changeout when the wet is significant, which goes straight to the bottom anyway.  Try it both ways, and see what you like...

Actually,  take that back, just go with the cheapest nonclumping nonscented you can get.   The biggest reason we switched was that the cats do not track it around the camper at all.   The non clumping has larger pebbles of clay, not the finer almost sandgrain size particles with used to tracked out of the litterbox all the time.

One thing that's kinda a challenge about having (old) cats is that they throw up.  In a small space like the RV, that's just a pain, especially when someone pukes on a bed right before it's time for bed (or while someone's sleeping on that bed!) One thing that has worked for containment is covering up the beds/couch.  We have semi waterproof fabric picnic table covers that we stick on my bed and the couch.  (It also doubles as a curtain for my bed.). For the parent's bed, we use a 'neet sheet' picnic blanket that we've had for a while.

So yeah, it is nice having the cats in the RV.  There are some challenges, but they're a great source of entertainment, and it's fun just having them around.

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  1. One thing we do to minimize cat puke is to be very thoughtful on their diet. We've found some foods and treats encourage it and others tend to minimize it. With careful observation while trying different options we've kept it to a minimum and it's a very rare occurrence compared to back home.


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