Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mississippi Whirlwind

Whoop, there we're almost through Mississippi already! Even going slow, I-20 is sure faster than the typical back roads.

We arrived at my uncle Galen's house yesterday afternoon, we only swiped the mailbox gently with the truck mirror as we pulled up. It was fun talking, we think it was close to 20 years ago since we visited.

Glenn and Galen resemble each other if you ask me. We had a good time talking, and we had great Mississippi shrimp gumbo for dinner too.

We camped in the cul-de-sac comfortably overnight and pulled out this morning, and we gave the mailbox another good shove with the trailer for good luck ....

Glenn you'll like this : Galen mentioned a collapse of a big local culvert, and it was on the way past. A parking lot next to an IHOP fell in, and took about 15 cars down. We didn't fall in, but we made several IHOP employees nervous turning the trailer around next to their cars, having already had recent car trouble. The kids though it was neat, and I heard some genuine excitement looking at it.

And then we finished off our Mississippi tour with a typical lunch stop (and tentative propane fill) at Tractor Supply. PB & J, pickles, etc.

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