Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Living in a Trailer, Down by the River...

We're staying in a Florida Water Management Area, on the Escambia River for a few nights.  There's a couple of free, primitive sites that you can use for free, as long as you reserve them online.

It's pretty quiet around here, we haven't seen too many people.  There's an Airstream Club and some houses up the road from here, but not too many people come down here.  There is another family camping here though -- there's five of them in a really cool converted shuttle bus.  They're also from Michigan, and they're on the road for a few months.

We haven't seen any big animals around here, but the mosquitoes are pretty vicious!  Some of the signs around here mention hunting wild hogs and bobcats though!

We took a walk up the road a ways, and picked up some trash and cans -- there are a bunch around here!

There's not much around here, just a boat ramp, the campsites...  and a pot of gold!

We've got the solar panels turned on, but they haven't been putting out much -- we're kinda in the shade, and it's pretty cloudy.  We're heading out tomorrow though, so we should be fine.

We're pretty sure it's our 150th day living out of the RV, so we made cookies!

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  1. Are those mynocs chewing the power cables on the front of the transporter? and it was really foggy and humid outside. The ground was squishy too. ...or was it plastic bags taped over the marker lights that were just caulked before it rained


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