Friday, September 25, 2015

Pond of Safety

We haven't posted much recently, but we've gone a ways since we left the Finger Lakes:
    Chimney Bluffs and Sodus Point NY, 1 night on Lake Ontario
    Selkirk Shores SP NY, 2 nights also on Lake Ontario
    Wellesly Island SP NY 2 nights in the Thousand Islands
    near Chateaugay NY 2 nights very close to Canada
   and now near Jefferson NH for two nights.   We're close to Mt Washington, and the view is really great.  A couple of the leaves are starting to turn here and there.

Elliot and I took a good several hour bike ride this morning again.  There some good hills here off of route 2.  2 is a little busy without great shoulders to be riding on, but the dirt side roads and roads up into the national forest are great.   
Even Elliot got tired, see?
 We rode up a road called Pond Safety, not sure what might be there, maybe a pond eventually.  But mostly logging roads and trails into the national forest, some camp trails.   Lo and behold at the end was...  The Pond of Safety.   Right on, pretty safe, no waves, doesn't look like there would be alligators either.  
There is a recently constructed canoe launch area with a trail down from the road and parking area.  Very pretty and nice.  Posted nearby was a permit from the NH state environmental authorities, allowing the federal USDA Forest Service to do the project.   Actually now, reading this one posted up by the parking area, was different than the one down by the pond shore.  There were two permits just for this, I guess nothing is simple.  Bureaucracy in action.  Live free or die, or at least pay taxes!

So why is it the Pond of Safety?   Four patriots during the Revolutionary War found safety there out in the wilderness,  hiding from both sides.  Captured and released by the British with 'now don't go fighting us again', but nervous to show their faces back in town to be called deserters, they chose to stay here.  Pond of Safety History

Archery turkey season is on here, but Elliot took one with his bike on the way back down the hill, at least he got the foot.   (not really, it was laying in the road)

 Alice found it on his bike later and tried to scare Annie with it through the window.  It did look pretty scary actually, looks like the claw under the door in Signs.

So those are the shenanigans for today.   Tomorrow's plan is to make for Acadia NP.

   Last night we watched survivor, and we had a Chung noodle survivor food challenge:  Chung gave us a case of ramen noodle packets, and the flavor packets are pretty spicy. Annie had said they were too spicy, and was using the noodles for stir fry dinners.  I protested tossing the flavor packets, 'hey, we should eat those, of course it's hot if you taste the powder directly',  and the reply was 'ok, you can eat them then'.
    So last night, one noodle soup package was made per the directions, and everyone had some, as long as I ate the whole rest of it.  Well, yep, it's pretty hot.  It was good, but I didn't drink the broth....       Thanks for the noodles Chung!

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